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Friday, February 17, 2012



today i would like to share u something about me myself. well peeps , i will turn 18 on november 21st 2012.

i just cant stop waiting for the date just - last year i cant celebrate my birthday too much . well , spm make my plan trouble ! haiyoo. i have an examination on that day. hope i will get A+ for that subject , insya-Allah . amin !

talking about exam , hatiku berdebar debar menumgu result . RESULT IS AROUND DA CORNER . someone said the result on March 22nd , 2012 . grrr =.=

my mom always comparing me with others , i mean MY COUSIN , MY BESTIE , THE DAUGHTER & SON OF HER BESTIE and who do she think she wanna compare with.. Oh God ! pleaseeeee , gimmi a good result. i want STRAIGHT A+ !!!


whatever or whoever she wanna compare with i always do things that are meaningful to me and try to be better than others. success in life is what i make it out to be and happiness is to gain satisfaction from the simple things.

see u then ,
cik temut yang ommey <3

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